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Exporting to the world High Quality Hard Cheese Treats having all natural ingredients, digestibility and balance nutrition etc. from HIMALYAN COUNTRY - NEPAL.

About Us

We at “Unique Organics Pvt. Ltd” are engaged in manufacturing with a motive to produce high quality Organic & Natural Dog Treats keeping in mind the health and happiness of Dog. Our offered Himalayan Chews are highly recommended to pet lovers and demanded by our clients due to their quality digestibility, nutrition, unique ingredients, etc. We have facilities required for processing and delivering our products in an effective way having cleaned and sanitized area to ensure hygienic production at every step take place. Our team members have a professional approach towards every aspect of our business. They put their efforts, skills and experience in maintaining the quality of our products. At our firm, we follow basic business policies, which is customer centric and therefore we have been able to bring a satisfactory product having importers from European and American countries.


These Treats are prepared manually with yak/cow milk, salt and lime juice using traditional technique are healthy, nutritious and safe made of very hard cheese. We use high-grade raw materials in the processing of our products to ensure their superior quality. The raw materials are procured from trusted suppliers in the market who know the level of quality we want. Dog Chews contain no added preservatives, color or chemicals and it is Gluten free also. It is all natural and long lasting and easily digestible. These treats are available in different weights for dogs of all sizes and ages. Natural Treats are safe because it is made of all natural ingredients whereas commercial Treats contain harmful chemicals preservatives and other ingredients which slowly affect the Dog Health. Our highly nutritious Dog Treats contains everything that Dog needs for proper health and well-being. These chews help increase the strength of the dog’s teeth and protect their gums as well.


Our hard cheese bars are made of cow/yak milk, salt and Lime juice prepared manually in Himalayan region using traditional method. These bar chews are available for all dogs of all sizes and ages of different size and weight. The chew can last for hours with most of the dogs with other benefits as well. Chew Bars are all natural, long lasting, easily digestible, no added preservative, no chemical or color and gluten free.


Hardened chews nuggets are made of yak/cow milk, salt and lime juice prepared manually in Nepal using tradition method for centuries. These nuggets are bite size from the chews bar which can be soften by the Dog and consumed completely.

Micro Puffies

These Puffies Treats are crunchy as the popcorn made of yak/cow milk, salt and lime juice. This healthy Puffies are puffed in microwave to avail option for dog enjoyment.


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